Limpid Security: web application vulnerability assessment, mobile application penetration testing

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Web application pentesting

WWW websites become fully functional web applications. The amount of features the webpages offer give the attacker a whole variety of scenarios to harm you and your customers.

We put ourselves in attacker's shoes

Our vulnerability assessment uses blackbox approach (no access to the source code), which allows us to test web applications from the attacker's perspective. As we realize that every security audit is time-restricted - we focus initially on vulnerabilities in the components which might be interesting for the attacker at first and revealing them is the key to secure your product.

Hunting for developers' mistakes

The creativity helps us in reconstructing process of all the development steps and analyse where the security issue might have been placed.
Understanding how your web application had been created allows to identify a lot of vulnerabilities which may simply be missed by any automated tool and had gone unnoticed by your developers.

Our experience empowers us to perform vulnerability assessment for any web technology. We follow tech-news on daily basis and develop own, independent research, which allows to describe not only common web applications' vulnerabilities but also issues closely related to analysed web technologies.


Mobile application security audit

The smartphone era has made the mobile applications we install on our devices to become more popular targets for attackers. Our security audit and penetration testing is designed for application created for:
  • Android

  • iOS

During our security assessment:
  • We take care of your customers' security - by performing vulnerability identification in the product which you offer.
  • We detect security issues on all API endpoints used to communicate with your mobile app.
Vulnerability identification and fixing security issues benefits you and your customers, who will be using your mobile application.


Penetration testing

Explicitly presented description of identified vulnerabilities is essential part of the penetration testing process. Our security reports contain not only technical details which help developers to fix the issue, but also comprehensive summary designed for people with no technical background.

Our priority is making sure that conclusions drawn from our security tests have real impact on increasing your product's security.
  • We help in estimation of security issues' severity
  • We explain what threat the identified vulnerability poses.
  • We present exhaustive description of various attack scenarios.
  • We classify each vulnerability and explain its cause and potential effects
  • We describe detailed list of steps to fix identified vulnerabilities or mitigate their impact
We realize that not every vulnerability found in your product influences the defined security risk management process. That's why we treat each security audit and pentest request individually.